The base offers side on moorings for barges and cruisers and facilities include electricity, water, maintenance, a workshop, shower and carpark. The area is closed off with a lockable gate.
Toul is a historic town dominated by its splendid 14th century cathedral of St Etienne and its fortifications which date back to Marshal Vauban in the early 18th century. It has all the conveniences that you would expect from a town of 17000 inhabitants.

The Port de France is 4 km away, a busy summer season harbour with yachts from all over Europe passing by for a day or two.
MOORING PRICES from 01.06.2016
Winter price       Per month             Per year      
    Less than 15 mts      150  1 479  
 15  17 mts  170  1 581
  17 20 mts 180  1 683
 20  25 mts 190   1 785
25 - 30mts 210  2 148 
Port St Mansuy
Moorings and repairs
Boat sales
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Lorraine Marine - 13b rue de la Champagne - 54200 TOUL
Tel : - Web site : www.lorraine-marine.com
e-mail : contact@lorraine-marine.com
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Mechanical : Maintenance, repairs and rebuilds, servicing, winterising, replacement engines, welding, GRP, painting. Spares

Electrical : Installation of 12V/24V and 220V circuits, batteries, chargers, inverters....
Installation of generators

Plumbing : Installation and repairs of watersystems, tanks, pumps, toilets, waterheaters, filters, grey and black watertanks....

Heating : Installation and repairs of central heating or stoves.