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Port St Mansuy is a harbour in the quiet outskirts of Toul on the Marne au Rhine canal just before the last lock where the canal joins the Moselle river. In the port you can see Dutch barges such as Luxe motor, Tjalk, Beurtsvaartschip and Aak.

Cruising from Toul offers one of the most varied navigable areas available. It is an ideal starting point for cruising east towards Strasbourg, west towards Reims and north towards Luxembourg or Verdun.
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Aak, Beurtvaartschip, Hagenaar, Klipper, Luxe Motor, Skutsje, Spits, Steilsteven, Tjalk
In our brokerage section we have several barges for sale which are moored in the port. Please click on the 'boats for sale' button to see what is available.
Photo's Winter 2010
Port St Mansuy around 1910